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Prodigy EMS

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EMS Education Reimagined

Recognizing a considerable deficit in e-Learning targeting the pre-hospital setting, Pro EMS Center for Medics set out to create an in-house system for high-quality education, delivery, and tracking.  

The Prodigy Platform

Prodigy was created to guide you easily through the recertification process, including state and department specific training. EMS Training Officers are given access to fully review class records, eliminating "surprises" and ensuring full compliance with certification standards.

The platform is custom designed for the demands of the modern pre-hospital provider including live virtual instructor-led training and engaging course materials.


Our Classes

Prodigy classes are designed to educate and engage, not simply to check the box. 

Instead of using a stale powerpoint presentation, we engage our users by implementing a multi-camera format that focuses on the presenter, who is always an experienced EMS educator. In addition, we supplement this with materials designed to enhance learning.

Our Instructors

Prodigy provides high quality educational content delivered by subject matter experts in meaningful real-life applications.

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